Your judgment is the single most important asset that your start-up has.

About Us

Clifford Hurst and Venkatesh Tadinada are co-founders of


I'm Cliff Hurst. I'm an entrepreneurial anthropologist.

I study entrepreneurs in their natural setting to figure out what makes them "tick." Also, what makes entrepreneurial teams "click."

I share with my clients insights about themselves to help improve their chances of success when starting new business ventures. I also work with investors as they evaluate founding teams and with company founders and their core management teams.

In the twenty years that I've been studying people in organizations, I've come to four principal conclusions:

1. It's not who you are, but how well you know who you are, that matters most.

2. Your judgment is the most important asset that your start-up company has.

3. Most entrepreneurs don't know where their judgment is strong or where it needs development.

3. Your judgment is like a muscle. It can be strengthened through exercise. The better your judgment; the greater your chances of success.

When you know  yourself, you can grow yourself. What you don't know will trip you up. It's that simple. And that complex.

I am an entrepreneur's judgment coach. See our Services  page for more about the process we go through in helping entrepreneurs succeed. It's powerful. It's fast. It's necessary.