I am

I was born to teach. It just took me nearly 5 decades to realize it.

I’ve been teaching one thing or another all of my life. Only in the past nine years, though, have I experienced the joy and intrinsic satisfaction that come from being a professor.

I’m currently an adjunct faculty member of Fielding Graduate University. Prior to that I was an associate professor at Westminster College in Salt Lake City, Utah.

I’ve enjoyed teaching undergraduate as well as graduate students. I’ve taught a number of subjects, including entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, leadership, marketing, effective writing, public speaking, organizational behavior, and design thinking.

Professors often make a habit of putting into writing our teaching philosophy. Here’s mine.

What Cliff's students are saying

Here’s what some of my students have written about their experience in the classroom with me...

"The course actually hits every question on this survey spot on. I learned a lot in this class about the subject, improved my writing skills and all the Westminster college-wide learning goals. Cliff is also the most kind, optimistic, and generous professor I’ve ever had. Thanks!"

"Great teacher; very respectful of all opinions of the students."

"Cliff does a great job of relating the subject of entrepreneurship to his real-life experiences."

"Cliff is an involved and caring professor who takes the time to speak to his students as peers. His devotion to his subject matter is palpable and is felt throughout his lectures. The course felt respectful and enjoyable for the duration of the semester."

Cliff is a passionate, knowledgeable and experienced instructor with a wealth of insight.

The following was an email I received from a student after the end of the school term.

Dear Cliff,

I want you to know that as a few weeks have passed since the semester ended, I have had some time to digest my learning and I have realized just how much I got out of your class. I realized that the core of what I want to do is be an entrepreneur—I want to make my own path. Thanks for being an excellent professor.

--Maggie R.