Our passion is to help entrepreneurs succeed.


You started your business to do what you do best and want to do most. Our passion is to help you succeed at doing it.


We work by helping entrepreneurs to know themselves, their strengths and weaknesses. We help them to build upon their strengths, remediate their weaknesses, and bring about them people who can complement their own talents.


Remember, it's not who you are, but how well you know who you are, that matters most.


The folks at Startup American Partnership place start-ups into four stages. We offer a package of services for start-ups at each stage. Decide which stage best describes you to read about the services we can offer you.

At the Idea Stage, you have an idea for a business.. You're working hard to turn that idea into a reality. You're searching for clarity. You're probably working somewhere else full-time, but the pull of your idea keeps tugging at you.


Now is the best time to take stock of yourself. What do you really want? What are you best at?



You've got a co-founder; maybe more than one. You have established a business entity, probably a web site; maybe a prototype. You're experimenting  with customer development. You have the amibtion to build a scalable company.


There's a lot on your plate, including figuring out how to work together as a team.


A team of five or more people are on board. You've secured at least your first few customers and you have a clear focus on the direction you plan to take to grow more customers.

The clock is ticking... faster and faster. You are starting to get traction. The last thing you want is to start spinning your wheels. You've got two major concerns now.


You now employ at least 25 people and you have achieved a revenue run rate of $10mm or more.

You're hiring people at a rapid rate--several per day.