Our passion is to help entrepreneurs succeed.

A team of five or more people are on board. You've secured at least your first few customers and you have a clear focus on the direction you plan to take to grow more customers.

The clock is ticking... faster and faster. You are starting to get traction. The last thing you want is to start spinning your wheels. You've got two major concerns now.



First is how to keep the cohesiveness of your core team as the pressure intensifies.



Second is how to bring the right new people on board, in the right position for them and for the company, and  how to find people who will quickly fit in with the culture that is now beginning to define your company.


We work with companies in the Rampup stage to deal with both of these concerns.


If you haven't done this before, now is the time to have everyone in your core team go through the assessment and self-understanding process that we recommended in Startup. After working with each of you individually, we also facilitate a process for you to apply that self-knowledge to your relationship wtih each other as you work together  under increasingly high-pressure circumstances.


Then, we can implement on your behalf a candidate screening and selection process through targeted use of our assessments that will help improve your odds of hiring the right person for the right job and help you hire people who fit with your company's culture.


Hiring new employees just when your company is starting to grow is a lot like getting married on a blind date. It can be pretty "iffy." In fact, a few bad hiring decisions at this stage of Rampup can derail your company.



While our screening process isn't sure-fire, our clients have found that it increases the odds of hiring the right people for you by 30% or more.