Cliff Hurst

Cliff at Commencement
Me delivering the faculty address at MBA Pinning & Hooding
Westminster College in Salt Lake City, Utah

I am
a Professor

My philosophy of teaching is that learning can—and ought to be—a joy.

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Cliff at StartUp Conference
Q&A after keynote at 8th Annual StartUP Conference
April 2019 in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria

I am
a Researcher

I study entrepreneurs in their natural setting to figure out what makes them “tick.”

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Sprouting plant

I am
a Consultant

When you know yourself, you can grow yourself. What you don't know will trip you up.

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Cliff's spoons
A selection of my hand-carved
wooden spoons

I am
a Spooncarver

I love to hand carve wooden spoons. Go figure...

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