Bringing the science of human judgment and decision-making to

the art of entrepreneurship.


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Whether you are just starting-up or are already growing a scalable business, then you know that you operate in a fishbowl. They're looking at you from every direction.


Potential customers want to know if you will deliver on your promise. Potential team members want to know if you've got a vision they can buy into,  and if you are the leader who can take them all the way to the finish line. Investors want to know if you are the sort of person they can entrust with their capital.


Here's what investors are looking at....


In a given year, an angel investor or VC may look at 300 opportunities and select only 1 or 2 in which to invest. That's why they scrutinize every aspect of the opportunities presented to them. They assess your business plan, your technology, the market potential, your finanical projections, the intellectual property, and most important, the skills, experience, and judgment of the entrepreneur/founder of the company and its core management team.


If you're just getting started, then your core management team may not even  be in place at the time you seek equity funding. For you, it's your own judgment that matters most. In fact, as a company founder, your judgment may be the greatest asset that your start-up has.


If you are already up-and-running, with your core management team in place, then it's the cohesiveness of your team, and your ability to work well together in the face of conflict and ambiguity, that may be your greatest competitive advantage...or your biggest roadblock.


That's where we can help. We have services for entrepreneurs at the stages of: Idea, Start-up, Ramp-up and Speed-up. See our Services page for details.


We bring the science of human judgment and decision-making to the art of entrepreneurship and to the evaluation and development of founding teams.